Chargeurs Luxury Materials is a Chargeurs business. | Chargeurs Wool (USA) Inc. is a Chargeurs Luxury Materials company.

Raw Material

Chargeurs maintains a longstanding relationship with sheep growers, wool buyers, coops, and greasy wool warehouses in all wool producing regions across the United States. Leading the way in close partnership with the American Sheep Industry Association, very important greasy wool quality improvements have been continuing over the years mainly in terms of packaging, farm contaminations, and type separations. Only the best wools are acquired for each blend to match perfectly with the customer’s expectation so ongoing customer programs receive consistent blends year after year.

Finished Product

The main finished product of Chargeurs is "Wool Top" which is long staple, worsted wool used by customers in spinning yarn for both the knitting and weaving industries. Wool Top is the result of washing, carding, and combing the "Greasy Wool" that is the raw material for Top Making. As opposed to "Woolen" type wools which have very short fibers for a more bulky, fluffy, hairy product going into products like hand knitting yarns and blankets, Worsted wool (Wool Top) has longer fibers that make a more light-weight and smoother fabric more suitable for knitted garments like socks and sweaters as well as woven products like high fashion dresses and suits.


Byproducts of the Top Making process are mainly "Wool Grease" and "Noils." Wool Grease is an oily, greasy film naturally occurring on wool fibers in various quantities depending on the breed of the sheep. This Wool Grease is removed in the Washing process and is the source of Lanolin. After several steps of refining by Chargeurs' Wool Grease customers, the pure lanolin goes mainly into the cosmetics industry. "Noils" are the shorter fibers which are removed during the Combing process and are mainly used in Woolen products and felted products like hats.